0x2A739 | Mountain Town of Urnh

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Nestled in the mountains, watching over the south-west Penturan seas, there is a small town named Urnh. Populated mainly by a dozen and a half Indigenous Penturan families, they choose to keep to themselves. As such, Urnh’s culture is distinct and very different from the more visible Penturan heritages.

One of the most noticeable heritages of Urnh is the Ushirna Music, named after the instrument it is performed on. An Ushirna is kind of multi-harp which stretches the size of a room and is played by three synchronous players, all striking it percussively using forked mallets.

The music is treated as sacred, but not separate from mundane. Each Friday afternoon, the Urnh people gather at the town’s chapel for their weekly Gratitude Service. It is here that a sermon combining local news and poetic gratitudes for the everyday life is shared, accompanied by the resonance of Ushirna song.

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